Hey! I'm Leon Revill.

I make it easier for businesses and individuals to build web and mobile apps for all types of devices so they can enhance the lives of millions.


Leon Revill

I believe that as a web developer you can change the world and I want to empower people to do just that. By taking your ideas to the web you can instantly reach millions of people whether that's through a website or mobile app that's up to you but you have the potential to affect peoples lives in a positive way. This could be by reaching them with your products, providing a service or simply making them laugh.

To achieve this goal I write tutorials and articles on my blog revillweb.com, mentor students at Thinkful, I've wrote a book on jQuery and I contribute to the web development community as much as I can. I love to chat about all things web development so say hi on twitter @RevillWeb, connect on LinkedIn or just send me an old fashioned e-mail.






Contact me about anything, if im available I'll be happy to help. I am always open to working on interesting projects as a developer or consultant, take a look at my CV and then get in contact using the form provided or via one of the social media platforms I'm on above.