Leon Revill


Leon Revill

10 Ocean Court,
DE24 1AN,
United Kingdom.


Date Institution Location Qualifications
2007 - 2011 University of Derby Derby
  • BSC (Honours) COMPUTER NETWORKS (2nd Class 1st Division)
  • CISCO CCNA 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Personal Professional Practice Diploma
2005 - 2007 North Notts College Worksop
  • BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA IT PRACTITIONERS (Distinction, Distinction, Distinction)
  • City and Guilds website design (Distinction)
2000 - 2005 Retford Oaks High School Retford
  • GCSE’s (3 B’s for IT, Art and Maths and 6 C’s including English and Science)


Programming & scripting:

  • PHP5
  • JavaScript
  • OO & MVC
  • mySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery + jQueryUI
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Node.js
  • XML
  • JSON

Extensive experience with:

  • PHPStorm, Sublime Text 2, NetBeans, etc.
  • Git, GitHub & SVN
  • Agile - SCRUM
  • Jenkins & Continuous Integration
  • BugZilla & QA Methodologies
  • Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, etc.
  • Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • Solr
  • Computer Networks & Networking Technology


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional teamwork skills
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident
  • Intuitive
  • Works well under pressure
  • Team leader
  • Reliable


Company Job Title Date Location
Thinkful AngularJS Mentor 2014 - Current New York, United States

At Thinkful I mentor a wide variety of highly talented people through a structured AngularJS front-end development course. Each week I work with around 3 students and provide them with the support and tuition they need to to complete the Thinkful curriculum. Using modern telecommuting technologies such as Google Apps and Hangouts I am able to support my students and interact with other Thinkful team members from around the world.

Working as a mentor at Thinkful pushes me to ensure I am up to date with front-end development technologies so I can ensure I always give me students the best advice and direction. I have also learnt a great deal from the other mentors and members of the Thinkful community. It is so rare to find a group of such highly talented people in one place all wanting to learn from each other.

CCAPPS PHP Developer 2014 - Current Annesley, Nottingham

At CCAPPS I worked on an industry leading software platform which provides a range of leasing and financial service management solutions to high profile businesses. I have also had the opportunity to help design and build their API allowing third parties to integrate their own systems into the CCAPPS platform. Along side this, integrating existing external APIs into the CCAPPS platform was a large focus.

With my front-end development skills I was able to provide CCAPPS with a range of high quality front-end solutions built on top of their existing platform with a strong focus on usability, aesthetics and cross-device compatibility.

EducationCity Web Developer 2011 - 2013 Oakham, Rutland

While working here I have had the opportunity to provide major contributions to many projects this organisations has undertaken. On arrival I was tasked with re-writing their custom CRM system that included integration with Microsoft Great Planes and Sales Pad.

Shortly after the technical team undertook a project to rewrite the entire product and internal systems from the ground up with aim to utilize new technologies to extinguish previous limitations which included constructing a PHP API to support both internal and customer facing products. I was tasked to help with this project as part of an Agile Scrum team. I had a major role in deciding many of the fundamental decisions such as which PHP framework should be used and what front end tools and libraries could be utilized to aid design and development.

Additionally I had a large input into the MySQL database design behind the system. Through working on the previous platform I was familiar with working on databases with hundreds of tables and millions of rows of data meaning I am very familiar with SQL optimization.

I was also tasked with helping the recruitment process for the team. This included writing comprehensive programming tests to filter out applicants and perform extensive interviews for those successful.

Revill Web Design Freelance Web Developer 2010 - 2013 Derby, Derbyshire

Running my own businesses allows me to extend my skill set to technologies that my day job often will not allow. Web development is one of the fastest moving job areas and I believe it is very important to keep as up to date as possible. In larger companies it is often not possible to peruse all technologies to the extent that is required to keep up-to-date in this field. Running Revill Web Design allows me to do just this. Mostly it allows me to keep up-to-date with HTML and CSS technologies and UI design as a whole.

East Midlands IT Co-Founder & Web Developer 2009 - 2011 Derby, Derbyshire

Running my own company has not only taught me a wide range of technical skills but has also gifted me with a deep understanding of people management, project management and team skills which I know will be invaluable in any of my future job roles. Running East Midlands IT has given me an opportunity to work on many interesting web projects with a range of diverse frameworks including but not limited to, PHP5, jQuery, jQuery UI, PayPal API’s, Google Maps API’s and many CMS’s such as WordPress and PHP Fusion. Many of the projects that I worked on at East Midlands IT were bespoke web applications designed from scratch by myself, utilizing other developers where needed. The vast majority of these projects were developed using PHP on top of a MySQL database while using other modern frameworks such as jQuery. I have learnt a great many methods to see a project through its lifecycle from specification to implementation and have always produced excellent results which also include high levels of customer satisfaction.


From the very first time I got my hands on the internet I wanted to create things for the web. My professional web development career got started when founding a small IT company while studying Computer Networks at University. The demand for websites and web applications was obvious and my previous freelance experience allowed me to take on all kinds of interesting projects. I then moved on to specialize in CRM systems development where I honed my PHP and mySQL skills. To accompany these specialized business platforms I looked to improving my front-end knowledge and came to love JavaScript. At the beginning of 2014 I had my first jQuery book published which was a great personal achievement. My real passion is for AngularJS which I spend most of my time working with these days. I use my blog www.revillweb.com to publish articles and tutorials on web development in hope to help other enthusiastic web developers get started in new, upcoming technologies.

Outside of Tech...

My main driver in life and my reasoning for becoming successful is so I am able to travel and see the world and do fun things with the people I care about. My hobbies outside of tech are fishing, pool and snooker of which I would love to do more of. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people whether that's through work or travel (both would be best!). I have family in Germany so I've been able to travel to a fair few places in europe and recently spent a few weeks in Aruba (Caribbean) which has got me hooked on long distance vacationing, im hoping America is next.

Personally I am a well-rounded individual who enjoys a challenge. I am confident in anything I do and believe that your work should be something you enjoy and are very passionate about.


Name Company Position
Matthew Frost EducationCity Manager

Leon has been a central part of our V2 project, he has driven the use of new technologies, ensured high quality throughout. He completely redesigned our Subscriber Management System – putting the fundamental building blocks in place – which a team of 6 are now using to develop this product.

It is a great loss to us to loose Leon from our team; he is an incredible talent and has a very bright future ahead of him.